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August 1, 2009

August, 2009

What’s New
~ Current Displays
~ Books Available
~ Abita Artists Show
~ New Paintings; “October,” Primary Curves” and “Secondary Swirls”

Lana’s works are currently on display at the St. Tammany Art Association’s Member’s Gallery (paintings,) in Covington, Louisiana and the Causeway Branch of the St. Tammany Parish Library (paintings, photos and sculpture,) in Mandeville, Louisiana. The Causeway display will run through the end of August. In November, Lana will also be displaying paintings and photography at Slidell’s Arts Evening.
Lana’s entries in the “Generation Fig Tree ’09” online art show are now available in the book of the show. Her paintings and photos have also been published in Ovation TV’s “Anthology of Friends; An Original Collection” volumes 3, 4 and 5. Detail from her “Sunrise at the Falls” painting was featured on the July 1 cover of Alternatives magazine.
“Abita Artists” are planning a show, aiming for this coming October. Details yet to be announced.

New Works
Lana completed 3 new 8x10” acrylic paintings in July; “Primary Curves,” “Secondary Swirls” and “October” (shown above.) The trees are done in metallic gold paint, which reflect light.
She also set up two new blogs, focusing solely on her visual arts; “Eye Candy; The Art of Lana Gramlich” and “Eye Candy; The Photography of Lana Gramlich.”
(Note; The blogs have since been abandoned in favor of a website--address below.)

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Lana Gramlich
Founder/Leader, Abita Artists
Eye Candy Visual Arts
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  1. Is that painting one of yours. Lana - the one of the three gold trees on the green background? I guess it must be - It's lovely. A perfect painting.

  2. David; Thank you. Yes, it's mine (as mentioned in the "New Works" section.) I consider it a kind of micro/macro work, where they can be looked upon as trees or as leaves.


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